A pop of Colour!

Coloured hair extensions have become a growing trend, and we can’t help but love them.

Have fun and play with colours and trust when we say you would never look back again to anything plain.

Our Zuto Jumbo ombre braids are available in a variety that’s perfect for every woman’s preference.From the demure shade to the really,notice-me-I’m-here!

Sometimes a pop of colour is exactly what you need to lighten up a grey mood.

So live a little, try something new.

4 thoughts on “A pop of Colour!

  1. Udy B says:

    I love colours!Looks great.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!Colours always lift up moods.

  2. cosuagwu02 says:

    I love the color pop. Please how many do I need for a full hair

    1. admin says:

      Hi!We recommend 5-7packs for box braids styles.

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